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Economics 208, Essay Question for Final Exam Winter 2004 Vincent Crawford, Department of Economics, UCSD This essay question will be one of the questions on the final exam. You should plan on spending half an hour writing it, without books or notes. It is meant to get you thinking about how to use behavioral game theory to do economics; the choice gives you some freedom to make the question about the kind of economics you are interested in. My sample references should be easy to find, but let me know by email if you have trouble. Write a brief (one-page or less) essay on how research on the parts of behavioral game theory studied in this course (how people predict others’ strategic behavior) should change how we think about your choice of one of the following kinds of application. For some or perhaps all of them, more than one answer is defensible. Full credit will be given for any answer that includes a coherent and empirically plausible rationale. In most cases, there are readings on the syllabus beyond those discussed in class that may be helpful.
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