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HW_9 - the opposite direction Find the energy of each...

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Ch. 36, ## 64, 66, 68 Problem 4 Suppose you have a collection of particles, all moving in the x direction, with energies E 1 , E 2 , E 3 , … and momenta p 1 , p 2 , p 3 , …. Find the velocity of the center of momentum frame, in which the total momentum is zero. Problem 5 A neutral pion of (rest) mass m and momentum p = (3/4)mc decays into two photons. One of the photons is emitted in the same direction as the original pion, and the other in
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Unformatted text preview: the opposite direction. Find the energy of each photon. Problem 6. In a pair annihilation experiment, an electron (mass m) with momentum p e hits a positron (same mass, but opposite charge) at rest. They annihilate, producing two photons. (a) Why couldnt they produce just one photon? (b) If one of the photons emerges at 60 to the incident electron direction, what is its energy?...
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