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PracticeMidterm2solutions - Physics 1C Summer 2011(Session...

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Physics 1C, Summer 2011 (Session 1) Practice Midterm 2 (50+4 points) Solutions Problem 1 (5x2 = 10 points) Label the following statements as True or False, with a one- or two-sentence explanation for why you chose your answer. Even if you get the answer correct, you will receive no credit unless your explanation is clear. a. In order to have total internal reflection for light, you must be in a medium that has a smaller index of refraction than the surrounding medium. b. When you walk away from a flat mirror, the size of your image does not change. c. A lens can produce an upright, magnified, real image. d. When looking at the intensity distribution for diffraction from a small single slit, projected onto a screen very far away from the slit, the width of the central bright spot is twice that of surrounding bright spots. e. To resolve two very close objects, it is helpful to use light with a small wavelength. Solution a. False: The opposite is true according to Snell's Law. If you start in a medium with index of refraction n 1 < n 2 , there is always an angle θ 2 such that n 1 sin(θ 1 ) = n 2 sin(θ 2 ). b. True: The size of the image is always equal to the size of the object for a flat mirror, since 1/p + 1/q = 1/f = 0 → q = -p → M = -q/p = 1 = h' / h. c. False: For a single lens, real images are only produced by converging lenses, which can only form inverted real images on the opposite side of the lens as the object. d. True: This is why the formula for diffraction minima excludes m=0. e. True: Rayleigh's criterion says that the limiting angle of resolution for a slit of width a is θ min = λ / a. The lower the wavelength, the smaller θ min , and the better we are able to see two objects separated by a very small angle.
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Problem 2 (5+5 = 10 points) A laser beam strikes one end of a slab of material as shown in the figure below. The index of refraction of the slab is 1.48.
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PracticeMidterm2solutions - Physics 1C Summer 2011(Session...

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