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TENTATIVE SCHEDULE: Week 1 Lecture 1 M Course intro Simple harmonic motion (SHM) Lecture 2 T Pendulum, damped oscillators Lecture 3 W Waves on a string, intro to physics of waves Lecture 4 Th Waves continued, sound waves I HW1 due (Lectures 1-2) Week 2 M Independence Day - no lecture Lecture 5 T Sound waves II Lecture 6 W Electromagnetic waves HW2 due (Lectures 3-5) Th Midterm 1 (Lectures 1-5) Week 3 Lecture 7 M Reflection, refraction and absorption of light Lecture 8 T Geometric optics, lenses Lecture 9 W Multiple-lens systems Lecture 10
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Unformatted text preview: Th Wave optics, interference, diffraction HW3 due (Lectures 6-9) Week 4 Lecture 11 M Optical instruments Lecture 12 T Brief introduction to special relativity Lecture 13 W Intro to quantum mechanics HW4 due (Lectures 10-12) Th Midterm 2 (Lectures 6-12) Week 5 Lecture 14 M Quantum mechanics and physics of atoms Lecture 15 T Nuclear physics Lecture 16 W Particle physics Th Review for final exam HW5 due (Lectures 13-16) F Final Exam (Cumulative)...
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