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assignment & reading - Dr Mary Scott([email protected]..

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Fall 2011 Schedule Number 37018 Office: Humanities 532 Course number: HUM 530.01 Office telephone: 338-7412 Classroom: Humanities 408 Office hours: T Th 3:30-5:00 Class time: T Th 12:35-1:50 HUM 530: Chinese Civilization This course is an introductory survey of Chinese civilization from the earliest archaeological records to the last dynasty, the Qing, which ended in 1911. Our purpose is to understand the relationship between China’s political and social history, elite and popular religious perspectives, and literary and visual arts. We will read some of the best- known works of Chinese classical poetry and fiction, selections from Confucian, Buddhist, and Daoist texts, and classic historical works. Landscape and figure painting, the history of books and printing, architecture, ceramics, and garden design are all important in the course. This course requires at least ten pages of structured writing. If you have completed 60 units of course work, you may count this for the GE Segment III cluster, "Asian Society, Politics, and Culture." It counts for the CESD requirement in that cluster. You may also count it for the Asian humanities requirement in the Humanities major. Course objectives: To differentiate Chinese literary and artistic modes from a range of historical periods, including periods of contact with other cultures. To synthesize several disciplinary modes of study (close reading of texts, analysis of visual images) into an interdisciplinary perspective on Chinese civilization. To describe and illustrate traditional Chinese ethical and aesthetic values and assess their significance in global comparative context. To question and revise simplistic, ahistorical and Eurocentric assumptions about Chinese civilization. Course requirements and policies: Format of the course varies from meeting to meeting: it may include lectures, slides, films, and discussion. You may be asked to make at least one visit to any Chinese art exhibition that may be available in the city. Due dates for papers: OCTOBER 4 and DECEMBER 1.
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assignment & reading - Dr Mary Scott([email protected]..

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