CR Exam 1 Review Sheet

CR Exam 1 Review Sheet - Close Relationships Exam 1 Review...

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Unformatted text preview: Close Relationships Exam 1 Review Sheet Chapters 1, 2, 3, and Articles Exam D ay: Thursday, September 22nd 50 Multiple Choice On exam day, please bring the orange scantron with options ABCDE and a pencil. ***Note: The goal of this review sheet is to guide you in your studying. This review sheet does not include all the concepts on the test. You should also review in-class notes, PowerPoint slides, book chapters, and articles. We will also have an in-class review on Tuesday, 20 th . I. What are the 3 ingredients to a relationship? I I. How do mating, non-mating family, and friendships differ? I I I. Role-based relationship vs. Personal relationship IV. Exchange relationship vs. Communal relationship V. What are the types of closeness? a. Understand the differences between the types of closeness b. How can we measure closeness? VI. Relationship between Need to Belong and Loneliness a. Consequences of Loneliness b. What do people do when they feel lonely are have not meet their need to belong? VII. Evolutionary Theory a. Parental Investment Theory b. Sexual Strategies Theory c. What are the mating problems men and women faced in their evolutionary history? d. Gender differences in the traits preferred in the opposite sex mate e. Intersexual Competition vs. Intrasexual Competition i. What are tactics men and women use when engaged in intersexual vs. intrasexual competition? VII I. Attachment Theory a. Who is John Bowlby? b. What is the Strange Situation? c. What types of behavioral responses do children exhibit with a secure vs. insecure/resistant vs. insecure/avoidant attachment style?...
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CR Exam 1 Review Sheet - Close Relationships Exam 1 Review...

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