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Chapter 11 The Nervous System Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. The principal job of the human nervous system is to a. facilitate communication among the body systems. b. store information. c. replace or repair damaged tissues. d. provide for defense against pathogens. e. rid the body of metabolic wastes. ____ 2. The basic unit of the nervous system is a. the neuron. b. neuroglia. c. the brain. d. a nerve. e. a nerve impulse. ____ 3. Which of the following is NOT true concerning sensory neurons? a. They have receptor regions for detection of stimuli. b. They lie in the pathway between the interneurons and motor neurons. c. They relay information to the spinal cord. d. They are part of a reflex arc. e. They are one of three types of neurons. ____ 4. The single long process that extends from a typical motor nerve cell is the a. axon. b. neuron. c. synapse. d. dendrite. ____ 5. Within a single neuron, the direction an impulse follows is a. dendrite >>> axon >>> cell body. b. axon >>> dendrite >>>cell body. c. dendrite >>> cell body >>> axon. d. cell body >>> dendrite >>> axon. e. cell body >>> axon >>> dendrite. ____ 6. When an impulse passes from one neuron to the next, it a. is passed directly from dendrite to axon. b. passes from axon to cell body to dendrite. c. can bypass the cell bodies of both. d. passes from axon to dendrite. e. undergoes repolarization. ____ 7. Neuroglial cells a. metabolically support other neurons. b. form sheaths around neurons and control the rate of impulse transmission. c. form more than half of the volume of the brain. d. provide physical support. e. all of these
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____ 8. Functionally speaking, a nerve impulse is a. a flow of electrons along the outside of the plasma membrane of a neuron. b. the movement of cytoplasmic elements through the core of the neuron. c.
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Chap11 - Chapter 11 The Nervous System Multiple Choice...

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