CHAP19 - delian Genetics Observable Patterns of Inheritance...

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ndelian Genetics. Observable Patterns of Inheritance. ltiple Choice. Several questions on triple crosses were removed. Please note a gap in questions 10-13. ntify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. _ 1. Which of the following descriptions of Mendel is incorrect? a. He was simply lucky to work out the laws of genetics. b. He focused on contrasting phenotypic characteristics. c. He demonstrated that the blending theory of inheritance was wrong. d. He kept exact mathematical data and was the first scientist to utilize numerical analysis of results. e. He was a monk, a science teacher, and a gardener. _ 2. Various forms of a gene at a given locus are called a. chiasmata. b. alleles. c. autosomes. d. loci. e. chromatids. _ 3. Diploid organisms a. have corresponding alleles on homologous chromosomes. b. are usually the result of the fusion of two haploid gametes. c. have two sets of chromosomes. d. have pairs of homologous chromosomes. e. all of these _ 4. If R is dominant to r , the offspring of the cross of RR with rr will a. be homozygous. b. display the same phenotype as the RR parent. c. display the same phenotype as the rr parent. d. have the same genotype as the RR parent. e. have the same genotype as the rr parent. _ 5. The principle of segregation applies most specifically to events occurring in preparation of a. offspring. b. zygotes. c. homologous chromosomes. d. gametes. e. loci. _ 6. The theory of segregation a. deals with the alleles governing two different traits. b. applies only to linked genes. c. applies only to sex-linked genes. d. explains the behavior of a pair of alleles during meiosis. e. none of these _ 7. According to Mendel, what kind of genes "disappear" in F 1 pea plants? a. sex-linked b. dominant c. recessive d. codominant e. lethal
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_ 8. The F 2 phenotypic ratio of a monohybrid cross is a. 1:1. b. 2:1. c. 9:3:3:1. d. 1:2:1. e. 3:1. _ 9. If short hair (L) is dominant to long hair (l) , then what fraction of the offspring produced by a cross of Ll x ll will be homozygous dominant? a. 1/2 b. 1/4 c. 1/3 d. none (no chance of this offspring) e. none of these is correct _ 14. The results of a testcross reveal that all offspring resemble the parent being tested. That parent necessarily is a. heterozygous. b. polygenic. c. homozygous. d. recessive. _ 15. If all the offspring of a testcross are alike and resemble the organism being tested, then that parent is a. homozygous dominant. b. homozygous recessive. c. heterozygous. d. recessive. e. incompletely dominant. 17. Mendel's dihybrid crosses provided indirect evidence for all but which one of the following? a. independent assortment b. dominance c. linkage d. presence of two factors in parents and offspring e. segregation of factors _ 18. In cocker spaniels, black coat color (B) is dominant over red (b) , and solid color (S) is dominant over spotted (s) . If two dihybrids (Bb Ss) were crossed, the most common phenotype would be a. black and solid. b.
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CHAP19 - delian Genetics Observable Patterns of Inheritance...

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