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extra credit

extra credit - moral support they need to succeed in school...

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Amanda Randolph Extra Credit Paper March 15, 2010 College and receiving money to attend college is frustrating and with the ever failing economy is becoming even more difficult. It has been difficult for me to receive money to attend Temple the past two years, and my boyfriend also has bad experiences with receiving money. It is frustrating to know that in order to gain money to attend school you need to have good credit, lots of collateral or come from a rich family. In today’s world, you can’t get a good paying/recognizable job without attending college but you can’t attend college if your family isn’t of money or can easily receive financial aid. The students in the documentary also had to worry about this issue but others as well. They were faced with almost a purely negative atmosphere and almost as if everyone was against them, waiting for them to fail. It is sad that children these days don’t have the
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Unformatted text preview: moral support they need to succeed in school. Even the teachers at the student’s school didn’t show too much concern if the students attended their class or even showed up to school at all. Another interesting factor was the violence they had to overcome in their towns, schools and personal life. The availability of students to bring guns, knives and other weapons into school shows the lack of security Philadelphia public schools attain. High school should be a safe place where students go to learn, not somewhere where they should be fearful and not cared about. From this film I realized the obstacles students have to overcome to further their education, and how unfair and difficult it is for them to accomplish their dream. It ties into what we learned in class about education rates and the rate of inner city students continuing their education by going to a college....
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extra credit - moral support they need to succeed in school...

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