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NOTES-18-s11 (1) - Hineline - Psychology 2103 / 5103,...

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Hineline - Psychology 2103 / 5103, Spring, 2011 Notes, 28 February (18th meeting) Available on Blackboard: These notes Prep Guides 13, 14, 15 List of potential targets for book review Today’s Agenda Interteach # 13 Coming Events Wednesday, 2 Mar Interteach # 14 Friday, 4 March Interteach # 15 7-13 March SPRING BREAK - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The final exam is to be written in a two-hour period, aided by a 200-word summary (generated in advance, and to be turned in along with your blue book(s), addressing each of the following two questions: I. Illustrate as many as you can of the terms and concepts of this course, by describing the likely behavior-environment interactions that would ensue: A) within an experiment (of your own devising, or based on readings) B) within a particular commercial or educational setting such as a day-care center, a small business, a college course, or an athletic team. Identify the relevant terms, and supply interpretations as you proceed, either parenthetically or in commentary pages facing those with the descriptions. The non-experimental setting could be one designed according to behavior-analytic principles, in
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NOTES-18-s11 (1) - Hineline - Psychology 2103 / 5103,...

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