NOTES-28-s11 - Hineline - Psychology 2103 / 5103, Spring...

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Hineline - Psychology 2103 / 5103, Spring 2011 Notes, 28 March (28th meeting) Today's Agenda: Lecture on Questions from # 19, Interteach # 20 Coming Events: Wed, 30 March Interteach # 21 Friday, 1 April – Interteach # 22 Monday, 4 April – Interteach # 23 Wednesday, 6 April Interteach # 24 Friday, 8 April – Review Monday, 11 April Probe # 4 From Guide # 19: One of the most popular questions for review was 1 c) “Specify the difference between imitation and generalized imitation In terms of response classes. First, what class of responses qualify as “simple” imitation ? Consider learning particular ballet dance moves Or maneuvers in a marching band. Stepping in the same way , and in the same particular manner as others; A baby playing “patty-cake” Each topography is specifically practiced (prompted, differentially reinforced, etc). Of course, closely examined, the moves are not strictly identical, and some degree of variation is acceptable (reinforced), So while the variation is limited, these still entail response classes . Also, in the marching band, leg movements would be in the same class for everyone; there would be sub-classes for arm-positions of people playing particular instruments. (trumpets held at the same angle, etc)
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NOTES-28-s11 - Hineline - Psychology 2103 / 5103, Spring...

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