NOTES-39.s11 - Hineline - Psychology 2103 / 5103 - Spring,...

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Hineline - Psychology 2103 / 5103 -- Spring, 2010 Today’s Agenda: Lecture of problems from Interteach # 28 Notes, 22 April (39th meeting) Interteach # 29 Coming Events: Monday, 25 Apr Interteach # 30 Wednesday, 27 Apr Interteach # 31 Friday, 29 April Review for Probe # 5 Monday 2 May Probe # 5 – last class meeting Thursday, 5 May Book Reviews due Friday, 6 May Final Exam – 8:00 – 10:00 AM From Guide # 28 -- the article by Sigrid Glenn 1) Appealing to verbal behavior instead of to cognitions -- Verbal behavior is understood as originating and changing via substantially the same principles as other behavior. Cognitions are posed as underlying and distinct from behavior. Thus, their origins are not explicitly analyzed – although sometimes they are treated as behavior without acknowledging it, and thus without taking advantage of what we know about behavioral principles 4) People often have difficulty with the term, metonymic tact: Don’t be confused by the fancy word: “... occurs when a stimulus acquires control over the response because it frequently accompanies the stimulus upon which reinforcement is normally contingent.” Glenn’s example: “My boss is getting to be impossible to work for”
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NOTES-39.s11 - Hineline - Psychology 2103 / 5103 - Spring,...

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