anatomy 2404_Ch.1_Human_Body_Orient

anatomy 2404_Ch.1_Human_Body_Orient - Metabolism ....

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BIOL 2404 Lecture outline (Ch.1) The human body: an orientation Levels anatomy ? physiology ? Levels of Structural Organization, fig 1.1 Chemical level Atoms combine  Cellular The basic structural  Tissue Made up of a  Organ Made up of  Organ system Made up of  Organism Made up of  Organ Systems  Organ systems More in lab  Organ systems often  examples Functions necessary for life (performed by organ systems) 
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Unformatted text preview: Metabolism . Responsiveness . Movement . Growth Differentiation 1 Reproduction Homeostasis definition: feedback cycles regulate organ systems parts of a feedback cycle (fig 1.4) positive feedback cycle (rare) example negative feedback cycle (common) example which feedback cycle homeostatic imbalance and and...
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anatomy 2404_Ch.1_Human_Body_Orient - Metabolism ....

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