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anatomy 2404_Ex.2_Organ_Systems - • identify the organs...

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Ex. 2 Organ Systems Overview Objectives: At the completion of this lab you should be able to answer the following questions about organ systems define the terms organ and organ system (see TEXTBOOK) list the organ systems of the body list the primary functions of each organ system list the major organs found in each organ system and identify the organ system if given a list of  organs identify the organs and organ systems on a model or figure
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Unformatted text preview: • identify the organs and organ systems located in the various body cavities and in the nine abdominopelvic regions covered in exercise #1. • identify the organs and organ systems in the dissected rat. Lab questions: Answer questions 1-11 on pg 14, and questions 1-9 on pg. 15, complete table 2.2. See review sheets for ex. 2 (questions A, B, and C)...
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