anatomy 2404Ch1_2LrngObj_VISUAL_Spaces

anatomy 2404Ch1_2LrngObj_VISUAL_Spaces - BIOL 2404 Chapter...

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Unformatted text preview: BIOL 2404 Chapter 1 & 2 –learning objectives After studying lecture material and reading assigned chapters (1, 2), you should be able to complete the following objectives. I. Introduction 1. Define these terms: ANATOMY: PHYSIOLOGY: 2. Explain the various levels of structural organization. Include the following terms in your explanation: atom, molecule, chemical, cell, tissue, organ, organ system, and organism. 3. Provide specific examples that illustrate interrelationships between organ systems. 4. List and explain the functions necessary for life. II. Homeostasis 1. Define homeostasis 2. List the components present in a general feedback cycle. 1 3. Explain how positive and negative feedback cycles work, provide examples of each cycle. III. Energy & Matter 1. 1. Define energy. 2. 2. Explain the difference between kinetic and potential types of energy. 3. 3. List the four forms of energy and provide examples of each. 4. 4. Define the term element. 5. 5. List the four elements that compose 96% of your body weight (use atomic symbols)....
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anatomy 2404Ch1_2LrngObj_VISUAL_Spaces - BIOL 2404 Chapter...

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