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anatomy 2404Ch1_2termslist_VISUAL

anatomy 2404Ch1_2termslist_VISUAL - Monosaccharides N Na...

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BIOL 2404 Terms list for Ch1 & Ch2 Acid Active site Adenine (A) Amino acid Anatomy Atom  Atomic symbol ATP Base C Ca Carbohydrate  Cellular level Chemical bonds Chemical energy  Chemical level Cl Covalent bond Cytosine (C) Decomposition reaction Deoxyribose Disaccharides  DNA Double helix Electrical energy Electrons  Element  Enzyme  Exchange reaction Fatty acid  Feedback cycles  Fructose  DNA Galactose Glucose  Glycogen  Guanine (G) H Homeostasis  Hydrogen bond I Inorganic Ion Ionic bond K Kinetic energy Lactose  Lipid Maltose Mechanical energy Molecule 
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Unformatted text preview: Monosaccharides N Na Negative feedback Neutrons Nucleic acids Nucleotide O Organ level Organ system level Organic Organism level P pH Phospholipids Physiological pH Physiology Plant starch Polysaccharides Positive feedback Potential energy Product Protein Protons Radiant energy Ribose RNA Saturated fatty acid Starch Steroids Substrate Sucrose Synthesis reaction Thymine (T) Tissue level Triglyceride Unsaturated fatty acid Uracil (U) Water...
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