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Jeffrey ENGL 1302 Fall 2011 Lone Star College-CyFair Annotated Bibliography The goal of this assignment is to locate, evaluate, and interpret credible sources that can be used to support a research topic. I will grade your bibliography on correctness of citations and completeness of annotations. Each citation must be at least half a page in length. The research you find will be used later to write Essay #1, so keep this in mind as you are looking for information. You must provide at least eight sources. You will only have to use five sources for your essay. 1-2 sources—may be the primary text(s) you are using for your topic, if you have one. 1-2 sources—may be biographical information about the author. At least 4 critical sources—critical articles, books, films discussing a work or works by your author. Only two of your 8 sources may be a website. Articles from the databases are NOT considered websites because they have already been published somewhere else. The annotated bibliography is due Tuesday, September 27, 2011 . 1. Select an author. 2. Using the library’s catalog and article database, locate credible sources to support your chosen author. 3. Evaluate each source you have chosen. In other words, how will it aid you in writing your paper? What type of information does the source provide? Is it credible? 4. Correctly cite your sources in alphabetical order. Below each citation, supply an annotation that: a. Identifies the type of writing the source is. For example, it may be a scholarly article,
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ENGL_1302_Annotated_Bib___Literary_Criti - Jeffrey ENGL...

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