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AFM - Course Study Guide Nadeem Khan

AFM - Course Study Guide Nadeem Khan - accounting

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Iqra University (Gulshan Campus) EDP Course Code: A c c o u n t i n g f o r M a n a g e r s ( A F M ) Course Study Guide Academic Year Spring 2011 MBA Program Department of Business Administration 1. Introduction This course financial accounting is designed to provide managers with an understanding of the uses and limitations of accounting information. Its aims are to: expose the students to the framework in which accounting information is prepared and its use by the managers & other stakeholders in the decision making process; explain how systematically financial transactions are recorded, classified and summarized in order to provide a deeper insight to the management into the affairs of the organization; 1
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demonstrate the students how the financial statements are prepared & its use the managers to evaluate the operational and financial health of the organization. This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of accounting, as applied primarily to sole proprietorships. Topics include journalizing/posting of transactions, preparing a trial balance /financial statements, measuring/costing and valuing/estimating inventory and controlling /accounting for cash. Course Facilitator: Muhammad Nadeem Khan [email protected] ( Assistant Professor ) Extension: 313 2. Assessment While the course is taught using predominantly a classroom lecture/discussion format, group learning activities are strongly encouraged. Students are expected to ask for assistance through Office hours, Students are expected to take an active part in the learning process through participation in classroom/group discussion. Students will be expected to enhance the knowledge learned in the text by further reading, solving practical problems in forms of exercises and by analyzing actual corporate annual reports. Assignments, quizzes, exams and the final project relate the knowledge of accounting principles and concepts to problem solving. At least three class activities / quizzes / discussion forum on Accounting for Managers 10%, Assignment = 10% <based on accounting research papers and scholarly journal articles> Mid-term examination = 30% Final Examination = 50% (Total = 100%) Assignment policy: Students unable to submit an assignment by the due date should discuss the matter in advance
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AFM - Course Study Guide Nadeem Khan - accounting

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