Syll_3403 - via email before the class time or exam If you...

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MATH 340 Syllabus Spring 2011 Instructor: Dr. Alexandra Piryatinska Office: TH 942 Office hours: T 1.00-2.00 pm, TH 8.30-9.30 or by appointment Email : [email protected] Class : TTH 9:35-10:50, TH 409 Prerequisites: MATH 228 with a grade of C or better (may be taken concurrently). Recommended: MATH 124 or equivalent. Description: Probability spaces, elementary combinatorics, random variables, independence, expected values, moment generating functions, selected probability distributions, limit theorems and applications. Text Book: An Introduction to Mathematical Statistics and Applications , Fourth Edition, Larsen and Marx. We try to cover first four to five chapters of the text book. Grades based on the following Quizzes 25% Homework 15% Midterm 25% Final 35% On exams can use cheat sheets (no books or notes) In case of illness you can make-up quizzes, homework and exams but be sure to inform me
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Unformatted text preview: via email before the class time or exam. If you inform me after the class time no credit will be given. • Bring your book to class • You must have a book with you on the day of the quiz • No noise • Show-up on time • Do not leave early without prior arrangement • No curving • You are responsible for CR/NC, Withdrawal, etc. Approximate guidelines for final letter grade 86-100 A 76-<86 B 66-<76 C 54-< 66 D 0-<54 F References: • Introduction to Mathematical Statistics by Hogg, Craig • Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis by Rice • Introduction to Probability and Mathematical Statistics by Bain, Englehard • Probability and Statistical Inference by Hogg, Tanis • An Introduction to Probability and Statistics by Rohatgi, Saleh • Mathematical Statistics by Bickel, Docksum...
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Syll_3403 - via email before the class time or exam If you...

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