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INSTRUCTIONS FOR WRITING ESSAYS All the essays in this class are quizzes meant to inform the instructor how well you comprehend and can critically analyze your reading assignments and class lectures. The instructor does not expect all students to agree with the readings and/or lectures, but the student must explain why he/she disagrees with the readings and/or lectures. And, please be green no cover pages or pages with only a few words or one line! The following will determine how high or low your points will be in your essay quizzes: (1) You should use only examples from both the readings AND lectures to substantiate or support your position and statements. For example, if you say "Mary dislikes Tom," then you should follow that with "because Mary refuses to see him." (2) The more examples you use from your readings AND lectures, the more points you will earn because this will indicate whether or not you have attended class and have done your reading assignments. (3) When using examples from the readings, you MUST cite the page(s) or chapter(s) from where you got your quote or information. This will show the instructor that you did read your assignments. (4) Do not worry about the accuracy of book titles, author names, and character names if you are citing from class lectures. However, you are expected to be fully accurate with the book titles, author names,
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