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EXTRA CREDIT OPTIONS FOR AAS 322 (Fall 2010) AAS 322 students can earn no more than .4 point in extra credit. The point will be added to the final cumulative grade [e.g., if your final cumulative grade is 2.9 (B) and you earn .4 in extra credit, then your grade will be 3.3 (B+) if you earn .4 in extra credit]. Last day to submit extra credit assignments that are NOT late is December 2. ATTENDING ASIAN AMERICAN-RELATED EVENTS : Events eligible for extra credit will be posted by the instructor on iLearn. Student-initiated events must be shared with the class and approved by the instructor IN ADVANCE in order to qualify for extra credit. Only events on iLearn are eligible for extra credit. Within one week of the event , you are to submit a written critique/analysis of the event, typed, double-spaced, and no more than two pages in length. Each essay must identify the event, time, and place of the event.
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Unformatted text preview: The critique/analysis portion of the essay should include whether or not, and how, the event has enhanced your understanding of Chinese American literature, language, and/or culture. Late extra credit assignments will NOT be accepted. WARNINGS : (1) You will not receive full .2 credit if the critique/analysis is nothing more than a summary or description of the event. (2) If you are taking more than one of my classes, you can go to an event and earn extra credit for only one of the classes, not both. (3) There is a limit of doing two extra credit assignments (for a maximum of .4 extra credit point) per class per semester. (4) Doing extra credit work indicates you are trying to make up for a deficiency, which means the quality of the extra credit work submitted must be of superior quality . Sloppy extra credit work will be duly penalized....
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