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Math 338 Fall 2010 Name Kafai – HW 1 Due 9/27/2010 1. Write a SAS program called HW1.sas to create a permanent SAS data file using StateData.txt data file with the following variables: State, Region, Visits, Salesman, Sale, Expenses Use comments and titles and footnotes as you see fit (Make sure you see fit to use some). Use label statement to label the variables state is State Name region is Region Assignment visits is Visits From Regional Manger salesman is Number Of Salesman sale is Gross Sales For Last Quarter expenses is Advertising Expenses For Last Quarter 2. Write a SAS program to print the above permanent SAS data file with labels. Do not use a DATA segment in this program. 3. Write a SAS program to graph the following using the HW1 permanent data file: A. The frequency of the regions. B. The percentage of visits. C. The percentage of visits with appropriate midpoints. D. The frequency of visits for each region. E. The frequency of regions for each visit. F. The sum of sales for each region.
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Unformatted text preview: G. The sum of expenses for each region 4. Write a SAS program using the HW1 permanent data file to do a block chart of mean of sale for each region by visit. 5. Write a SAS program using the HW1 permanent data file to do the following: A. Find and print Only North east Region – All variables B. Find and print Number of Visits from Regional manger is not 5 – All variables C. Gross Sales for Last Quarter is larger than 80 and Advertising Expenses for Last Quarter is less than 6 – All variables D. Only Southeast Region – State name and Region E. All States except the ones that start with M and N. 6. Write a SAS program to do the following using the HW1 permanent data file: A. For each region, how many salesmen are in each state, what are the advertising expenditures for each state (in ascending order), and what is the total advertising expenditure for the region B. How many states were visited 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 times by their regional manger?...
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