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HW2-Fall10 - amwest sandiego ontime 383 amwest sanfran...

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Math 338 Fall 2010 Name Kafai – HW 2 Due 10/08/2010 1. Study Proc Tabulate and other presentation Procs 2. Input the following data into a data set called simpson alaska la ontime 497 alaska phoenix ontime 221 alaska sandiego ontime 212 alaska sanfran ontime 503 alaska seattle ontime 1841 alaska la delayed 62 alaska phoenix delayed 12 alaska sandiego delayed 20 alaska sanfran delayed 102 alaska seattle delayed 305 amwest la ontime 694 amwest phoenix ontime 4840
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Unformatted text preview: amwest sandiego ontime 383 amwest sanfran ontime 320 amwest seattle ontime 201 amwest la delayed 117 amwest phoenix delayed 415 amwest sandiego delayed 65 amwest sanfran delayed 129 amwest seattle delayed 61 3. Write a SAS program (comments, label, title, footnote) to read the above data set using the following variable names: Airline City Arrival Count 4. Produce at least three “meaningful” and “pretty” outputs using SAS....
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