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Math 338 Fall 2010 Name Kafai – HW 11 Due 12/13/2010 Import the file HW11.xls. The variables in this file are: Student’s First Name Student’s Last Name Q1 – Q9 (Quizzes 10 points each) – Drop the lowest two and calculate a percentage H1 – H14 (Homework 10 points each) – Drop the lowest two and calculate a percentage T1-T3 (Tests are 100 points) Grade is based on the following: Total = 0.25(T1 + T2 + T3) + 0.15 max(HW, QUIZ) + 0.10 min(HW, QUIZ) Grading criteria:
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Unformatted text preview: 90-100= A 87-<90= A- 84-<87= B+ 80-<84= B 75-<80= B- 68-<75= C+ 55-<68= C 50-<55= C- 40-<50= D 0-<40= F Write a SAS program that determines the students’ letter grade. Your output must at least have the following information: Student name Percentage due to quizzes, Homework, Tests Final numerical percentage Final letter grade Your output must be well presented with appropriate and meaningful labels and titles. Note that all missing values are to be replaced by zeros....
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