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Syll338 - No late homework is accepted Check ilearn for all...

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Tentative Syllabus Math 338 Introduction to SAS Dr. Mohammad R. Kafai Office TH 924 Office Hours 10:00 - 11:00 MWF and by appointment Email [email protected] Text Book: SAS Application Programming by Frank C. DiIorio and online SAS manual Grade is based on in-class and out-of-class HOMEWORK assignments and QUIZZES. Approximate guidelines for the final letter grade: 86- 100 A 76- <86 B 66- <76 C 54- <66 D 0- <54 F USB flash drive (at least 2 Gig) Programming and Statistics knowledge required
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Unformatted text preview: No late homework is accepted Check ilearn for all course related material and grades on regular basis No make-up Use the assignment sheet as cover page for the assignments Attendance is required (Every 5 lowers the grade by one letter) If absent, you must get the programs covered from a colleague No noise Show-up on time and Do not leave early without prior arrangement No extra credit No curving You are responsible for CR/NC, Withdrawal, etc....
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