Lesson 18, 19 Followership,Empowerment

points how do i as a midshipman develop myself how

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Unformatted text preview: ment – Competence and focus – Courage Points to ponder . . . Points How do I as a midshipman develop myself How into a good follower? into – Whom can I use as a good example? – Which areas can I work to improve? Points to ponder . . . Points Human Nature – In order to work In effectively with both superiors and subordinates, you must understand “what makes them tick.” makes Human Nature Human Emotions you will Emotions face while on deployment: deployment: – – – – – – Stress Fear Homesick Loneliness Fatigue Demotivation Human Nature Human Ways to combat Ways these negative emotions: emotions: – Set positive & cheerful Set example – stay fit, eat healthy healthy – Counsel subordinates – Instill sense of Instill confidence, self-worth confidence, – Show that you really Show care! care! Combating Stress Combating Constructive ways to Constructive combat stress: combat – – – – – Exercise Reading Sailing Hobbies Talking to clergyman Talking or friend or – Calling home Combating Stress Combating Destructive ways to combat stress: combat – – – – Drugs Alcohol Excess sleep Keeping feelings to Keeping oneself oneself Running a division Running If you were a junio...
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