Lesson 18, 19 Followership,Empowerment

What is followership what definition the process in

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Unformatted text preview: pect to flow down the chain. What is followership? What Definition – The process in which subordinates recognize their The responsibility to comply with orders of leaders and take appropriate action consistent with the situation to carry out those orders to the best of their ability. carry – The ability to know where and when to articulate The one’s views on an issue, and then to have the loyalty and the devotion to carry out the final decision on that issue. issue. What is followership? What Definition – A strict adherence to a personal code of strict conduct which upholds the standards and values of the organization. Why is followership important? important? Importance of followership Importance Followers are potential leaders – Followers and leaders exhibit the same traits – Most leaders are also followers also. – Chain of command Division officer leads his/her enlisted Division leads Division officer follows Department Head, XO, CO Division follows Points to ponder . . . Points Is everyone automatically a good follower? Points to ponder . . . Points...
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