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Lesson 18, 19 Followership,Empowerment

Enforced case studies case intro to navsci intro

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Unformatted text preview: r enlisted person If checking into your first division, what kind of things would you like to see done or enforced on a daily basis? enforced Case Studies Case INTRO TO NAVSCI INTRO Empowerment and Proactivity Learning Objectives Learning The student will . . . – Comprehend how proactivity relates to effective Comprehend leadership. leadership. – Comprehend authority, responsibility, and Comprehend accountability and how they contribute to empowerment. empowerment. – Comprehend the concept of empowerment as it Comprehend applies to leadership. applies Learning Objectives Learning The student will . . . – Comprehend the relationship between Comprehend empowerment and proactivity in effective leadership. leadership. What is proactivity? What Proactivity Proactivity Definition – Proactivity means more than just taking the Proactivity initiative. initiative. – It combines initiative with full responsibility It while making things happen while – It is acting to achieve unit goals without It waiting for orders or supervision. waiting Proactivity Proactivity Definition – To be proactive, you must be To more than competent fully knowledgeable have the respect of your peers have Proactivity Proactivity Definition – Successfully proactive people produce consistent quality regardless of circumstance accept circumstances and conditions for what they are make conscious decisions and take positive actions to make achieve unit goals achieve Proactivity Proactivity Proactivity is NOT – bei...
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