Lesson 18, 19 Followership,Empowerment


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Unformatted text preview: ng pushy, being obnoxious, or aggressive aggressive – defying orders – bypassing the chain of bypassing command command – modifying modifying responsibility or sidestepping accountability because of convenience of Difference between proactivity and reactivity and Proactive people – are value driven – get the most out of get their environment their – able to see and able choose their course of action action – more than just positive more thinkers thinkers Reactive people – allow circumstances allow and conditions to control their actions control – lack foresight – are caught unprepared are for a situation for – are often forced into a are course of action course Difference between proactivity and reactivity and Proactive people – – – – – “I choose . . .” “I prefer . . .” “I’ll look at my options” “I’ll try a different way” “I’ll adjust my I’ll priorities” priorities” Reactive people – “I can’t . . .” – “I have to . . .” – “There is nothing I can There do” do” – “I am what I am” – “I’m too busy” Difference between proactivity and reactivity and Reactive people – focus on problems and circumstances...
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