Lesson 18, 19 Followership,Empowerment

Situation after the evolution was completed and the

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Unformatted text preview: uckily, LTJG Hardluck notices and starts Luckily, to tell the Captain. to CO says, “Just a minute.” CO Case Study Case What should the LTJG do? What Case Study Case The next thing the CO heard was, – “This is LTJG Hardluck. I have the Conn. This Right 15 degrees rudder!” Case Study Case The CO looked up and realized that the The situation was serious. situation After the evolution was completed, and the After next watchteam took the watch, the CO ordered all members of the Unrep bridge watchteam to assemble in the wardroom. Case Study Case If you were the CO, what would you If say/do? Case Study Case At the meeting, the CO recounted the At sequence of events on the bridge and explained exactly what happened. explained The CO then, in front of the entire The watchteam, awarded LTJG Hardluck a Navy Achievement Medal (NAM) for his decisive action on the bridge. decisive Case Study Case Do you think it is likely that a young LTJG Do would have had the courage to take this action if the CO had created an atmosphere of fear among his JO’s? atmosphere This scenario shows the importance of This empowering one’s subordinates. empowering Potential Test Questions Potential The only real test of this material is out in The real the fleet! the Learn these concepts here in NROTC....
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