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Dr. Zhao’s Bio 311D Spring 2011 Name:___________ UT EID:____________ Discussion Time:__________ Quiz 3 1. Mammals dominated the (1pt) a. Proterozoic era. b. Paleozoic era. c. Mesozoic era. d. Cenozoic era. e. Triassic era. 2. Individuals whose diet consists primarily of corn would likely become (1pt) a. Obese b. Overnourished c. Undernourished. d. Malnourished. 3. Which of the following organs is incorrectly paired with its function? (1pt) a. Stomach- protein digestion b. Oral cavity- starch digestion c. Gallbladder – bile production d. Small intestine – nutrient absorption
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Unformatted text preview: e. Pancreas- enzyme production 4. Which of the following enzymes works most effectively at very low pH? (1pt) a. Salivary amylase b. Trypsin c. Pepsin d. Pancreatic amylase e. Pancreatic lipase 5. After a cow eats grasses, the grasses will be digested by which order of following organs. (1pt) a. Abomasum-Reticulum-Rumen-Omasum b. Rumen-Omasum-Reticulum-Abomasum c. Omasum-Rumen-Reticulum-Abomasum d. Rumen-Reticulum-Omasum-Abomasum e. Omasum-Rumen-Reticulum-Abomasum 6. Please list a vitamin and describe it s function. (1pt)...
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