Overview - Unit 11 Islamic Values This unit we will explore...

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Unit 11 Islamic Values This unit we will explore the values inherent in Islam and how these relate to science and technology in a Muslim culture. Again, please try to be unbiased in approaching the issue. I am asking you to ignore all the political slogans and personal emotions that came up in the context of recent terrorism and international developments. Misled individuals often claim to represent the ultimate truth and wisdom of their religion. Politicians often abuse religion to manipulate their people and rally them behind their causes. This has been true all throughout history and is still happening in Jewish, Christian and Muslim societies. These erroneous developments of individuals, leaders or whole societies should not distract from the real values inherent in a belief system. We should not forget that a vast number of people around the world practice their respective religion peacefully. Please read the article "Religion of peace" by Charles A. Kimball as an introduction to Islam. For our examination of Islam we will not be able to read authentic sources. The Koran is written in Arabic which is an extremely flowery language. Even in the English translation it is very hard to understand. First we need to understand some key concepts of Islam before we examine how Muslim values relate to science and technology. Please read this brief "Introduction to Islam" (source: http://www.islam101.com/dawah/IslamBrief.html, Nov.22, 2002). We need to understand the
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Overview - Unit 11 Islamic Values This unit we will explore...

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