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1 - History - Encyclopaeidia Britannica - Nov. 13, 2002...

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Nov. 13, 2002 socialism EncyclopadiA BritAnnicA ±rticle (sociAlism is A) system of sociAl orgAnizAtion in which property And t he distribution of income Are subject to sociAl control rAther thAn individuAl determinAtion or mArket forces. Socialism refers to both A set of doctrines And the politicAl movements thAt Aspire to put these doctrines into prActice. ±lthough doctrinAl Aspects loomed lArgest in the eArly history of socialism , in its lAter history the movements hAve predominAted over doctrine, so much so thAt there is no precise cAnon on which the vArious Adherents of contemporAry sociAlist movements Agree. The most thAt cAn be sAid is thAt socialism is, in the words of ±nthony CroslAnd, A British sociAlist, “A set of vAlues, or AspirAtions, which sociAlists wish to see embodied in the orgAnizAtion of society.” Beginnings ± commune is A smAll society in which everyone shAres in the production And use of goods And services. The Greek philosopher PlAto AdvocAted A type of communAl stAte more thAn 2,300 yeArs Ago in his ‘Republic'. BecAuse most of the eArly ChristiAns were very poor, they estAblished communes in order to shAre their goods. Experiments in community living hAve been tried in mAny
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1 - History - Encyclopaeidia Britannica - Nov. 13, 2002...

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