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Sheet1 Statistical data related to Wealth, Health Care and Education Comparison: CUBA to other countries in the region CUBA to Washington D.C., USA put together by Mark Williamson, NCSU Population Infant Mortality Rate Life Expectancy Literacy Rate Migration Rate GDP/capita** Cuba 11,184,023 7.39 deaths/1000 l.b. 76.41 years 95.70% -1.36/1000 $1,700 Haiti 6,964,549 95.23 deaths/1000 l.b. 47.67 years 45.00% -2.64/1000 $1,800 Guatemala 12,974,367 45.79 deaths/1000 l.b. 66.51 years 63.60% -1.84/1000
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Unformatted text preview: $3,700 Domenican Rep 8,581,477 34.67 deaths/1000 l.b. 73.44 years 82.10%-3.81/1000 $5,700 Washington D.C. 572,059 15 deaths/1000 l.b. 67 years ~65%* $36,300- Country Data from CIA world fact book- DC literacy data from http://www.dclibrary.org/dclearns/ * 36.5% of D.C.'s Adults fell at the lowest of the 5 levels of the National Adult Literary Survey ** GDP for D.C. not available, amount reflects the US GDP, data from CIA world fact book Page 1...
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