Overview - Unit 12 Socialist Values This is another very...

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Unit 12 Socialist Values This is another very challenging unit. We will examine the Socialist value cluster and explore value conflicts and trade-offs within the socialist worldview. We will also explore the conflicts that exist between socialist and capitalist worldviews. Cuba will be used as a case study. The values of this society will be examined in the context of Socialist science and technologies. Try to be unbiased in approaching the issue. I am asking you to ignore all the "bad" things you have learned about Socialism and Cuba in particular. Forget everything you heard about the "evil" Soviet Union. The purpose of this unit is not to point out the virtues or shortcomings of Socialism or Communism. The goal is to examine science and technology in the context of a value cluster that might be different from the American worldview. The key idea of Socialism are the Common Good and Social Justice, the basis being Equality and Equal Opportunity for all people. Economists refer to land, capital and labor as the three means of production. In Capitalism these can be concentrated in the hands of a few (banks and investors control the capital, huge pieces of land are owned by a few farmers) while the majority of the people (the working or lower class) own very little. The gap between rich and poor is increasing more and more. This difference in wealth leads to struggle between the classes. The vision of communism is common ownership of means of production (land, capital, labor) by the people. This
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Overview - Unit 12 Socialist Values This is another very...

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