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STS302SUM10wks - STS 302 10 week summer session...

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STS 302 10 week summer session Contemporary Science, Technology and Human Values Dr. Philipp Tavakoli [email protected] In this interdisciplinary course we examine recent and potential influences of current scientific and technological developments on society and vice versa. We will explore emerging social, ethical, and intellectual issues in the context of scientific and technological developments on a global as well as on a local basis and relate them to the peoples’ value systems. In the era of Globalization special emphasis is on the global dimension of these issues, the role of scientific and technological developments in Globalization, and the attempt to understand the value systems of different cultures. In the past, I took students to the Himalayas in Nepal, the deserts of Egypt, the rainforests of Guatemala, to Austria, and to Cuba. We will use their reports to illustrate other cultures’ value systems and their relationships with technology and science. This course consists of 15 study units. Each unit equals the workload for a typical semester week, beginning with unit 0 for the first week of the semester. During the 10 week summer session we are on the accelerated schedule of two units per week. COURSE STRUCTURE: The course is structured into three major parts: 1. Theoretical Foundations: unit 0 - unit 3 2. Issues in Science, Technology and Society in the West: unit 4 – unit 9 3. Globalization and Technology and Science in alternative cultures: unit 10 – unit 13 In the last unit (14) we will discuss progress. COURSE FORMAT : All course information will be provided via the Internet through e-mail and course web sites. Moodle will be our major course tool and function as our virtual classroom. Moodle is easy to understand for students with basic computer skills. All students registered for the course will automatically have access to the course with the beginning of class. You will find it at http:/moodle.wolfware.ncsu.edu . Please log in with your unity ID and password. WE WILL COVER TWO UNITS of the course each week, beginning with unit 0. For example: the work for unit 0 is to be done during the first three days of the summer and the assignments related to unit 0 are due by the third day. Deviations from this schedule may occur due to holidays and adjustments I might have to make in accordance to the progress the class makes. The average student spends approx. 8 HOURS a week on a TYPICAL UNIT WORKLOAD. This is academic work, not including the time spent on downloading files or dealing with computer problems. You have to plan additional time in your schedule for downloads and submissions, depending on the speed and the reliability of you internet connection.
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THE PURPOSE OF UNIT 0 is to introduce you to the concepts of the course and make you familiar with Moodle and practice the technical skills necessary to participate in this course. For this the course assistant and I will make an extra effort to help you getting familiar with the course format and Moodle. For students who do not master
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