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In conclusion, we found that religious symbols can bring meaning to followers through reminders or representations of one’s faith or pride in their spiritual beliefs. Ichthys from Christianity, the Star of David from Judaism, Yemaya from Santeria, and the Eight-Spoked Wheel from Buddhism all have significance to followers of that particular religion because they remind them of their religious beliefs or traditions and thus can be used as ways to strengthen one’s faith. All of the symbols were found to have meaningful histories, sometimes reminding followers of the origin of their religion.
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Unformatted text preview: We found that whether symbols directly represent a particular belief in a religion, or simply serve as a reminder of pride and faith in a religion, the symbols become a source of commonality for followers and therefore gain universal significance. "General Buddhist Symbols." 2/5/11. (accessed 4/10/11). "Buddhist Wheel Symbol (Dharmachakra)." (accessed 4/10/11). "Dharma Wheel (Dharmachakra)." (accessed 4/10/11)....
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