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No growth No glow Lawn No glow 9 colonies Glow Lawn No glow No growth 85 colonies Lawn Daniel McAree 4/11/11 BS111L Section 6 Lab Report: Microbiology and Transformation Lab Partners: Natalie Rolph, Chad Amato, Stephen Covington Introduction In this experiment we manipulated microorganisms through aseptic techniques using streak plate and spread plate techniques, and also used pGLO plasmid to study transformation in E. coli . Streak plating allowed us to obtain pure cultures (colonies) of the bacteria because the bacterial cells are diluted until each cell is separated from all other cells (Urbance et al. 2011). Spread plating allowed us to create an even distribution of microbes on the agar surface and enabled enumeration of these microbial cultures because we spread the cell suspension over the entire agar surface. To conduct our study of transformation, we used LB and LB/Amp mediums as non-selective and selective media, respectively, for the E. coli growth. pGLO carries a gene for resistance to the antibiotic ampicillin and also a gene for the protein that fluoresces green under UV light (Urbance et al. 2011). Therefore we observed E. coli with pGLO (pGLO+) and E. coli without pGLO (pGLO-) and their growth patterns in each media. We also carried out a serial dilution of the pGLO+ cell suspension followed by the spread plate technique to observe growth patterns on three LB plates and calculate the efficiency of the transformation process. With this background information, we predicted that the bacteria containing the pGLO plasmid would
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BS111LLabReportTransformation - 9No growth Lawn Lawn...

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