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Daniel McAree BS111L Section 6 Enzymes, Enzyme Reaction Rates, and Temperature Test Lab Partners: Natalie Rolph, Stephen Covington, Chad Amato, 3/29/10 Introduction In this experiment we prepared substrate and enzyme solutions, running positive and negative assays along with a positive enzyme reaction. Using distilled water, 10% sucrose, .1% sucrase, and 1% glucose, we conducted the Benedict’s Test for Reducing Sugars to ensure that we had correct positive and negative controls. We also conducted the Benedict’s Test for a positive enzyme control to examine how the sample changes in color as the rate of the enzyme increases over the course of a ten minute interval. Following the control experiments, we then analyzed the effects of temperature on the enzymatic rate of sucrase at five different temperatures and with the sample with substrate and enzyme, without enzyme, and without substrate. Urbance et al. (2001) states that the functioning of enzymes is dependent upon factors such as temperature. Knowing the optimum temperature for the rate of sucrase function is important for a better understanding of why enzymes are useful only under certain conditions, and realizing the importance of having substrate and enzyme present is solution helps us gain a better comprehension of the enzymatic pathway. We knew that glucose would be our only positive control for reducing sugars due to previous experiments, and expected the enzymatic rate of
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BS111LLabReportEnzymes - Daniel McAree BS111L Section 6...

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