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BS158Haquaticecologywriteup - Daniel McAree BS158H Aquatic...

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Daniel McAree BS158H Aquatic Ecology Report (Red Team Member) Fantastic Fellas 10/10/10 I did not include the Red Cedar River in our data for pH, conductivity, and alkalinity because we did not record at the Red Cedar for these measurements. It was included in our testing of the four Unknowns, but we never confirmed in class which was the Unknown from the Red Cedar. Therefore, it is difficult to determine the water source without these measurements, but I would assume that the Red Cedar River is more groundwater-driven because it should have a high amount of organic matter and the limestone at the bottom of the river releases calcium carbonate, which should result in a high conductivity and alkalinity. Bogs only get water from rain which explains why the pH for bogs is much more acidic than marshes; in this case, the pH was 4.55. This also explains why the bog had a conductivity of 0 microS. From the data received at the
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