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BS158HPosterAbstract - respectively We used a growth...

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Daniel McAree David Lutz Davis Thomas BS158H Abstract Temperature is a major determinant of the growth of benthic algae. While other studies show a direct relationship between temperature and benthic algal growth for optimal temperatures, we were interested to see the effects global warming temperature predictions for the next two centuries will have on algal growth. Our three treatments were chosen as 20.5°C, 23.7°C, and 27.7°C. The average June temperature in East Lansing in 2009 was 20.5°C, and temperature projections for 2100 and 2200 predict a 3.2°C increase and 7.2°C increase,
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Unformatted text preview: respectively. We used a growth chamber in the lab to increase algal biomass. We found that as temperature increased, algal biomass also increased as the 20.5°C treatment was significantly different from the 23.7°C and 27.7°C treatments. However, harmful algal blooms, which deplete oxygen levels and release toxins, may result with increasing temperatures. Therefore, these results suggest that global warming effects in the future will have a negative effect on aquatic ecosystems....
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