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Daniel McAree REL 306 3/17/11 Extra Credit Reaction on Western and Indigenous Traditions Video The video we watched last week in class highlights examples of a difference in outlook about seeing the place of humans in reality through comparisons of Western and indigenous religion and art. The main theme of this video was that we are called to celebrate human differences while recognizing our similarities, and this can be applied to whites and Indians. Many examples of some basic differences between Indians and whites in the view on the humans’ place in the world and in reality are given. For example, Indians may see a large church reaching to the sky as defying natural law, a sign of human supremacy, and a huge building taking away from the beautiful nature around it because they see everything in nature as sacred. They don’t understand how you can cut up the land and sell pieces of it. For Indians, the power is in the land itself and no one can own it. For whites, the power is typically seen in owning
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REL306ExtraCreditVideoWesternArt - Daniel McAree REL 306...

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