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Daniel McAree WRA 195H 12/11/09 Link between Gender and Self Esteem Anderson, Deborah Y., and Hayes, Christopher L. Gender, Identity, and Self-Esteem: A New Look at Adult Development . New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company, Inc., 1996. Print. This is a light green hard cover book. The title is printed in green and there is a white horizontal stripe in the middle with the rest of the writing also in green. The book focuses on the effects family, friends, education children, intimate relationships, and work have on adults and their self-esteem and identity as men and women. Hayes and Anderson write first-hand about their research on this topic and the significance each of these aspects of life have on men and the differences these aspects have on women. Self-esteem and identity are directly impacted by which aspect of one’s life they value most. If intimate relationships are valued most, and an intimate relationship fails, the person will most likely have very low self-esteem at that point. This research found that achievements and work were essential for the self-worth of both men and women, as well as education, parenting, and friendships. Surprisingly, work had more of an impact on the self-esteem for women than did intimate relationships. For men, Hayes and Anderson found that personal relationships had a far greater impact on their sense of identity and self-worth than they previously thought. They also concluded that how one was raised as a child by their parents had a tremendous impact on their self-worth and identity into adulthood, and this was more evident in women than men. This book is not biased because the research was done with an objective point of view, making it an authoritative source as well, looking to find interesting information. This book is relevant to my topic of gender and self-esteem because it explores the link between a sense of identity and self-worth for men and women through the influences of family, friends, work, education, children, and intimate relationships. Finley, Shanan C. “Self-Esteem Among College Students with Respect to Gender.” 2009. Missouri Western State University, Web. 10 Dec 2009. <http://clearinghouse.missouriwestern.edu/manuscripts/547.php>. This is an authoritative website source found through the website for Missouri Western State University. In this article, Shanan C. Finley writes of her research in collecting data from forty undergraduate students, men and women, to examine the self-esteem levels of men and women at the college level. Finley expected the self-esteem of the twenty females to be potentially less than the self-esteem of the twenty males in the study because males are typically not judged as harshly as females. Finley states that self-esteem becomes more important to the individual as they get older through their high school years and into college. Everyone in the study was from
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ages 18-23. Finley’s results show that there was no significant difference in the self-esteem
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WRA195HLibraryProject - Daniel McAree WRA 195H Link between...

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