Illustrations Essay (2)

Illustrations Essay (2) - Kelly Fung September 15, 2011...

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Kelly Fung September 15, 2011 2:00 pm “Who am I?” Essay “I am strict in form; I will never bend. I prefer to be alone than with my friends. Although I may seem conceited and self-absorbed, I never meant to be abhorred. I am quite generous - you see - I will always help a friend in need. What am I?” Such a riddle is tricky. It plays around with words and phrase them in a misleading way in which it is almost impossible to figure out the correct answer. Often times, one would blindly attempt to decipher the meaning of the riddle, when in fact, the answer was in the form itself. Unlike riddles, I am a person of nobler blood – remaining true to myself and firm in my beliefs. Harry Potter, a fictional character, is an excellent example of someone who possesses these attributes. He thinks highly of friendship and love because his aunt and uncle had deprived him of such warmth after his parents were murdered. Despite all of the unfortunate events that befell on him, his determination to right those who are wrong never wavered. Just as he treasures those emotions, I treasure identity and originality. It is important to distinguish one from others – Not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. I tend to defend ideas and objects that are
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Illustrations Essay (2) - Kelly Fung September 15, 2011...

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