Letter I - Me, Myself and I I, I stands alone. Vertically...

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Me, Myself and I I, “I” stands alone. Vertically straight and tall. The letter “I” can be written in three ways: one with a roof and foundation, both located above and below its spine. Stripped down naked “I” becomes “I”; still high and almighty. All letters of the alphabet have an uppercase and lowercase characteristic to them. In this case, “I” has a dot above its head. Like gears in a factory “i” is always working her mind with thoughts. Beyond physical looks of I, “I” is like a sonata. A sonata consists of different movements in which can relate to the variety elements of the letter “I” has. “I” is selfish ------ I am selfish. The definition of I refers to oneself. “I” speaks its mind, using “I” gives your own opinion and no one else. I never thought of myself to be selfish until College Academy became my new school. Call me greedy, harsh, or careless this is what I am due to the fact I left all my friends and band for me. I was a leader, the prime example, also known as the Drum Major. Everyone depended and looked up to me whether it was musically or personally. Deciding to move forward and walk another road passing my dedicated band, I left. Selfishly I left for my own intentions and reasons. .. to better my future. If I were to be more than one traveler; two paths I would have taken. “And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood.
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Letter I - Me, Myself and I I, I stands alone. Vertically...

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