Vocab Words - August- Adj, inspiring reverence or...

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Unformatted text preview: August- Adj, inspiring reverence or admiration Syn- Majestic, venerable Ant- Ordinary, commonplace, mundane, plebeian The august speaker left everyone dumbstruck, stunning them with his powerful speech. Contrite- Adj, caused by or showing sincere remorse Syn- Rueful, remorseful, repentant Ant- Indifferent, shameless The child felt bad for what he did, and showed it through his contrite actions. Curmudgeon- N, a difficult, bad-tempered, cantankerous person Syn- Faultfinder, crank Ant- Happy, positive The curmudgeon never found fun in anything; he was negative and always ruined activities. Despondent- Adj, in low spirits from loss of hope or courage Syn- Sad, hopeless Ant- Positive, happy As the years dragged on, the captives in the concentration camps became despondent, and didn’t expect to be rescued. Desultory- Adj, lacking a plan, purpose, or enthusiasm Syn- Indiferent, not-caring Ant- Enthusiastic, prepared The children went on the trip reluctantly, they didn’t know what they were doing, and, because of...
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Vocab Words - August- Adj, inspiring reverence or...

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