Vocab - 1 Prehistory the period before the invention of...

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1. Prehistory- the period before the invention of writing 2. Lateen sail- a triangular sail used for mechanical navigation 3. Neolithic Revolution- the first agricultural revolution. Hunting and gathering to agriculture. 4. Artisan- craftsman 5. Patrician- Roman aristocrat and wealthy classes 6. Nirvana- an Indian conception in which is a state of being 7. Cuneiform- written language of the Sumerians, probably the first written script in the world. 8. Citizen- an inhabitant of a city or town. 9. Hajj- pilgrimages to Mecca 10. Feudalism- a legal set of military customs in medieval Europe 11. Crusades- holy wars that search for a holy land Ex: Palestine; Israel 12. Daimyo- a genetic referring to powerful territorial lords in premodern Japan who ruled most of the country in hereditary and holdings. 13.mercantilism- an economic theory which a state is independent their own supply. 14. Divine right- doctrine that states the right to rule by virtue of their birth alone. 15. Indulgence- as the full or partial remission of temporal punishment due for sins 16. Absolutism- political philosophy the stressed the divine right theory of kingship 17. Estate- a term in common law for a term in common law for a person’s property 18 armistice- a stop of a war; like a break 19. Neo-Confucianism- philosophy & movement that began in middle of the 19th century w/ the work of Karl Marx. Believes violent revolution is needed to destroy the bourgois world. 22. Laissez- faire- An economic theory from the 18th century that is strongly opposed to any government intervention in business affairs. 23. Ideology- manner or thinking of thinking characteristics of an individual group or culture 24. Pax Romana- “Roman Peace” a term that explains stability economic prosperity under Augustus
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Vocab - 1 Prehistory the period before the invention of...

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