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Crystal Maragh Ms. Amador ENC 1101 8 September 2011 Not So Kind Kindness, friendliness, charitableness, and even helpfulness are all words accepted by society and interchangeable with one another. With the generations passing by at the speed of light, kindness seems to erode away; it still floats about us just in different forms, some of which would not be considered the typical definition of kindness. With the word kindness, usually sweet gestures come to the mind unlike the strict and stern methods which are the fundamental bases of kindness. Kindness within faith tend to have different connotations than kindness within the society. A Complicated Kindness centers around a small town that focuses upon the Puritan religion. Throughout the novel, the protagonist Nomi struggles between rebelling and not rebelling against the strict confinements within her religion. Nomi becomes aware of the kindness within her faith but she also realizes that the values that seemed to praise kindness bury it as well. When Nomi comes into contact with kindness she feels that, "There is kindness here, a complicated kindness. You can see it sometimes in the eyes of people when they look at you and don't know what to say. When they ask me how my dad is, for instance, and mean how am I managing without my mother." The kindness of the Puritan religion put too many restrictions upon Nomi until it practically drove her away from the faith she once worshipped. Maragh2
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Kindness essay - Maragh1 Crystal Maragh Ms. Amador ENC 1101...

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