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Chapter 7: Nonwestern Music I nonwestern music, people learn how to play the instruments by not reading notes but orally. The master teaches the student and the student has to memorize the material and put his own twist to it to make I personal. This is because notes aren’t as important to them as it is to us in the western cultures. So often times the student has to improvise his own material. The master gives the student a raga which are patterns of notes. Each raga has their own mood that it gives. Within the raga the master gives, the student can create unlimited amount of different music depending on his or her improvisation. In nonwestern voices, singers portray different kinds of emotions while singing. They might include, crying, whispering, yodeling and different kinds of techniques. This will give the audience a sense of what the singer is trying to deliver. Nonwestern music often has heterophonic textre. This means that simultaneous performance of the same melodic line, with slight individual variations, by two or more
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Unformatted text preview: performers. Although they dont often use notes, nonwestern music still has scales. They also have a higher range intervals than in western world. And they have more complex rhythms. In nonwestern music, musicians categorizes their music in 4 groups. Chordophones, aerophones, membranophones and idiophones. Chordophones is like the string instruments of the nonwestern culture. They are plucked or struck. The musical bow is one of the most commonly used chordophone. Most of them either have a gourd generator or as the resonator. Aerophones is the woodwind family. Its the instruments that you have to blow into. Unlike the western instruments, most of the aerophones do not have reeds. They are more simple to play. Membrenophones are the percussion family. Skin is usually used for percussion. Idiophones are everything else that doesnt belong to the other groups....
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