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Nonwestern Music - Nonwestern Music M usic in the Western...

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Nonwestern Music Music in the Western world has definite notations for each note. If a note is played below pitch it is flat, above pitch it is sharp. With this factor this allows all to learn and understand music through notation and written out music. To differ, music in Non-western cultures have a few characteristics: oral tradition, improvisation, voices, and instruments. Non-western cultures do note have notation, everything learned is by ear from teacher to student or parent to child. When playing a piece, improving melodic phrases are done to continue traditions of the culture (such as Indian). Areas like Africa singing is an important factor towards music. Their “ideal” tone for singing differs region to region. For example, north Africans prefer a nasal, strained sound, whereas sub-Saharan Africa has a more relaxed calm timbre when singing. Instruments in the Non-western cultures are categorized in four categories: 1) Chordophones 2) Aerophones 3) Membranophones 4) Idiophones
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